Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2011 10 Dec

Last Sunday the pastor made a passing comment that has stayed with me. While preaching about Jesus bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders (“the government will be on his shoulders,” Isaiah 9:6), he remarked that Christmas is the season for fixing thing.

“I’m a fixer,” he said. 

He went to say that some people, including some people you love, are unfixable.

That seems like huge and wise insight to me. 

Something about Christmas brings out the “fixer” in all of us. We want everything to be right and everyone to be happy. And when things aren’t right, we want to wade in and make them right.

Some things won’t change no matter what we do.
Some people truly are unfixable, at least by us.

That last phrase is crucial. Just because we can’t “fix” them doesn’t mean that God can’t. But perhaps he won’t until we admit that we can’t.

What is Christmas anyway, but God intervening to fix a rebel race that had made a fine mess of things? To paraphrase (in several ways) a familiar verse, “While we were unfixable, Christ came to fix us.”

If you feel like Christmas is a bit of mess this year, and if a lot of things need fixing all around you, be of good cheer. God loves to fix what is unfixable. That’s why Jesus came in the first place. 

There’s more to the Christmas story, I know. But this will do for a start. What we can’t fix, God can. But we have to stop trying to fix it ourselves. 

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