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To Be One of Us

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2014 19 Dec

"He is not ashamed to call them brothers" (Hebrews 2:11).

Suppose a man went outside one night and looked at the stars. Could he know there is a God? If he went to the Grand Canyon and saw its incomparable beauty and then traveled to Yosemite and saw its splendor, if he visited the mighty Niagara Falls, could he be sure there is a God? The answer is yes. If a man looked at nature and saw the intricate design and pattern of creation, he could know for certain this didn’t happen by chance. By careful study, a man could conclude there must be a God.

How much could he know about God simply by studying nature? He would know about his wisdom, power, and infinite creative ability. But no man could discover the love of God simply by studying the bombardier beetle or analyzing the antelope. He would never know if God cared about him. A God of the stars, moon and sun would be great and powerful, but he would never be personal.

That explains why Jesus came to earth. Because we share a common humanity with Jesus, he is not ashamed to call us brothers. God came down to where we live and became one of us. He didn’t shout “I love you,” and he didn’t mail us a letter we couldn’t read. He took on our nature, was born just as we are born, lived as we live, and died as we die. When He says, “I love you,” we understand him because in Jesus Christ God has become one of us.

Lord Jesus, you did not hesitate to demote yourself so that you could become our true Brother. Thank you for making the long journey so that one day when our journey is over, we will see you face to face. Amen.

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