Three "New" Books Every Pastor Should Read

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2013 16 Sep

Every pastor loves a good book.

Here are three classic books for pastors that are “new” because they are now back in print after being out of print for many years. 

These three books would also make excellent gifts for “Pastor Appreciation Month” in October. 

Quiet Hints for Growing Preachers by Charles Jefferson

Jefferson discusses the nuts of bolts of pastoral ministry in pithy language. This is a book about ministerial deportment, an old-fashioned word that refers to how a man carries himself, how he presents himself, his manners, his bearing, his habits, and his whole approach to life. He discusses many topics they don’t teach in seminary. Though he wrote over a century ago, Jefferson’s advice to pastors is timeless.

Pastoral Theology by Thomas Murphy

If you want to know how to actually “do the work” of a pastor, Thomas Murphy will tell you. He includes valuable insights on prayer, sermon preparation, and how to visit the sick and dying. Don’t miss his advice on how elders should care for the families in the church. Extremely practical and wise.

The Pastor in Prayer by Charles Spurgeon 

The pastoral prayer has almost disappeared from modern worship services. Once you peruse Spurgeon’s prayers, you will say, “We need pastors who can pray like this!” These prayers add something to our view of Spurgeon that cannot be gained simply by reading his sermons. I have was especially moved by his prayers for the lost to be saved. Highly recommended. 

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