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Things Are Going to Change

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2012 22 Dec

“The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work” (1 John 3:8).

God’s will is seldom done on the earth.  Too many things that go on are obviously not God’s will. 

            Killing the unborn is not God’s will.
            Children on crack is not God’s will.
            Single moms raising children alone is not God’s will.
            Pastors committing adultery is not God’s will.
            Rampant pornography is not God’s will.
            Nuclear warfare is not God’s will.
            Men starving, women freezing, children wearing rags-this is not God’s will.
            Racial prejudice is not God’s will.
            Ethnic violence is not God’s will.
            School shootings are not God's will.
            Serial killings are not God’s will.
            Greed, graft and corruption are not God’s will.

Sometimes it seems as if God has gone to sleep and Satan has taken over. 

Now ponder the next sentence carefully. God does not accept the status quo. He does not accept Satan’s usurpation of God’s rightful place in the world. He does not accept that sin should reign forever on the earth. He does not accept that the killing should go on forever. God does not sit idly by while the world goes to hell.

That’s why he sent the prophets who thundered out his message to ancient Israel. That’s why he raised up mighty men like Moses, Joshua and David. That’s why he inspired his prophets to write down his words. That’s why he wrote the Ten Commandments with his own fingers.

God does not accept the status quo! 

Do you want more proof? He sent his own Son into the world to change the status quo. What the prophets couldn’t accomplish with their words, his Son accomplished by the Incarnation. At Bethlehem, God sent a message to the world-"Things are going to change.”

If things were okay, why did God send his Son? But things weren’t okay. They were wrong, dreadfully wrong and getting worse all the time. So God intervened in human history in the most dramatic fashion possible.

Be encouraged, my friend. Christmas is almost here. Things are going to change.

Our Father, thank you that you didn’t leave us alone in our sin. You came for us! Glory to your name forever. Amen.

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