The Power of Reading a Book Again and Again

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2019 5 Mar

My friend Roy Hodson sent me this picture and the story that goes with it. Roy heads up a ministry in SE Kentucky called Heartkeep that works with families in crisis, esp. those struggling with substance abuse. Here''s the story behind the picture (shared with the permission of the young man). 

Good morning Ray! I simply had to send along this picture taken Saturday night. This young man, Josh, had just graduated with Hebron Colony following 10 weeks of study in recovering from a life of substance abuse. The Lord is changing Josh and Keep Believing is part of the process. We’d given him this copy last fall (notice the dog ears) and he told us Saturday he has read it through 5-6 times and keeps going back to parts as God works on him. In addition, he has passed it around to many of the other men at Hebron. To God be the glory as he changes people, one at a time.

It's neat to see the old edition of "Keep Believing" still being used. By the way, the new edition is almost ready to go to the printer. We hope to have some good news to share on that front in the next few days.Let's pray for Josh as he continues his journey toward a new life in Christ.

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