If You're Going to be a Christian, Be One!

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2016 10 Jun

I used to listen to a preacher who liked to lean forward and say, “If you’re going to be a Christian, be one!” We need that more than ever today. In a world where our brothers and sisters in Pakistan are being killed for their faith, we all need to decide which team we’re on.

If you’re on the world’s team, put on their jersey.
If you’re on Team Jesus, put on His jersey.

In these difficult days, we need Christians who aren’t ashamed of their faith. Let me assure you of this: Compromise will win you no friends. You’ll be “too Christian” for the worldly crowd and “too worldly” for the Christian crowd. Might as well stand up and be counted.

If you’re going to be a Christian, be one!

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