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How to Pray for Those Who Travel

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2011 19 Oct

This morning Marlene and I are driving to Dallas for what will be our longest trip of the year – 17 days in all. On Thursday Mark and I are flying from Dallas to Seoul, South Korea and then on to Jeju Island where we will team-teach 1 Peter next week at Word of Life Bible Institute. On October 29 we’ll fly to Dalian, China to spend a few days with our friend Pastor Peter. We’ll fly back to Dallas on November 3. The next day Marlene and I will drive back to Tupelo. While Mark and I are in Asia, Marlene will help Vanessa take care of Eli and she’ll also spend time with Josh and Leah and Knox.

This afternoon a friend sent a prayer he had written for Mark and me as we travel. I was so touched by it that I decided to pass it along. Sometimes we don’t know how to pray for those who minister the Word. This is the sort of prayer you could offer on behalf of those who travel and speak anywhere. 

Heavenly Father!

Thank you for the privilege and honor to lift Ray and Mark (your servants) before your magnificent throne of grace as they make final preparations to serve you in South Korea and China.

Lord, I believe it is altogether proper to think of this trip in military terms. You are sending your modern day “Joshua & Caleb” on a mission. Not only to scout out the land for invasion by the Light of Life, but to do battle. At this point, Father, they don’t know from which direction or when the enemy will attempt to attack and foil your mission … but you do! 

Be their shield, their protection, their deliverer, their victory. Through every battle may your strength be manifested through their weakness. Let the fullness of your glory be revealed to all. To your name alone be all the glory, honor, and praise. On their return let them experience the joy and deep sense of satisfaction in a “mission accomplished.”

Lord, here are only a few of the specifics that need prayer.  Where this list ends be ever interceding for all their needs moment by moment.

1) Safety – in all their travel, in every situation.
2) Health – Lord, you know the concerns of each man and how the enemy could sideline them through sickness. Please keep them completely healthy. Right now give them peace from any concern they might have about health issues … your assurance of being in control of their health … your assurance that “no matter what,” you will make this mission successful.
3) Strength – Lord, you know the physical, emotional, and spiritual demands of this trip. When they tire or begin to falter, give them extra doses of your strength. Give them the strength they need to do every aspect of your will, every day.
4) Rest – Father, give them the rest that they need each day to perform at their peak.  Help them to sleep in total peace, as if sleeping in your arms. 
5) Flexibility – Help them to be open to your redirection. To follow you with complete confidence even when you lead them into uncomfortable places.
6) Unexpected Blessings – Surprise them with daily doses of unexpected blessings!
7) Victory – In each battle give them the victory in Jesus. Keep them far away from temptation and sin, helping them to live a “holy life” each day.
8) Travel Mercies – For easy connections, uneventful flights, ability to sleep when needed, relatively quiet flights, respectful seatmates. 
9) Safety at home – Protect Marlene, Vanessa, and Eli as Ray and Mark are away from home. 
10) Spiritual Growth – Through the unique experiences of this trip we ask that you would grow Ray and Mark in their faith as they witness your power, sovereignty, love and grace. 

We ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen!

That wonderful prayer encouraged me as I read it. I hope it gives strength to your heart as well. 

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