How Big is Your God?

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2013 25 Jul

Good morning from beautiful Schroon Lake where we expect blue skies, a light breeze, with highs in the mid-70s. A perfect day to be at Word of Life Island.

This week I’ve had the honor of speaking to 500 teens every morning in the Bible hour. Each day we’ve tackled a key question from the life of Joseph. Here they are so far:

Monday: Do you know why you were born?
Tuesday: Do you know who you are?
Wednesday: Are you willing to wait for God?

Today we go to the heart of the matter:
Thursday: How big is your God?

So many problems start right here. We struggle in hard times because our God is too small. It’s all a matter of perspective.

When God is big, your problems seem small.
When God is small, your problems seem big.

Good theology solves a lot of problems.

So this morning we’re going to see the greatness of God as Joseph is promoted from the pit to the palace in Genesis 41. We’ll look at 7 signs of the sovereignty of God. Then I’m going to give the students a 21-day prayer challenge.

Would you pray with me that the students will “trade in” their little God for the big God of the Bible?

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