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Graduation Week

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2014 8 May

Mark and Penny on the Dallas Seminary campus.

Dear Praying Friends,

This is a big week for our family.
On Saturday Josh and Mark graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Our own journey started in 1974 when we got married on a Thursday evening in Phoenix, Arizona, and Ray started his first semester at DTS the following Tuesday.

Now Josh and Mark graduate from the same seminary. Very soon both boys and their families will be far from here. On Tuesday Mark and Vanessa and Eli and Penny leave for Sebastopol, California where Mark will become Pastor of Growth Groups at Hessel Church. Later this summer Josh and Leah and Knox and Violet will be moving to Asia.

Suffice it to say that ten years ago, neither son had any thought of going to seminary. But God used a variety of circumstances to lead Josh and Mark to seek further training in the Bible and theology. Now the day of graduation (a true "commencement”) is upon us.

We’re especially grateful to everyone who prayed for them during their seminary years. Your prayers helped bring them to this moment. We hope you’ll continue to pray for them as they move on in their service for Christ.

That’s the big news from our corner of the world. You share in our joy this weekend as our sons finish their work at Dallas Seminary.

God bless you always!

Ray and Marlene