#GivingTuesday is Only Six Days Away!

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2017 22 Nov

We're six days away from #GivingTuesday when we are asking our friends to give $30,000 to help us reach 1 million Chinese Christians through our China Resource Library.

We have figured out that it costs us 3 cents to reach a new person in China. That's possible because the internet makes it possible to reach people very inexpensively.

We're asking you to pray about what you can do to help us out. hink of it this way:

$1 = 33 people
$10 = 330 people
$100 = 3300 people
$1000 = 33,000 people

A gift of $15,000 would reach 500,000 people!

The quote comes from our KBM China Translation Team. They are dedicated Chinese believers who want to reach their own people with the gospel.

Click here for more information about our #GivingTuesday project. Be sure and watch the video.

Here’s the special #GivingTuesday donation page. Any gift you make today will count toward our #GivingTuesday goal.

Thanks in advance for helping us grow God’s church in China!

Ray Pritchard

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