Anchor Reaches Prison Staff With the Good News!

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2019 1 Feb

Over the years we have sent hundreds of thousands of copies of An Anchor for the Soul to prisons across America. Nearly all of those end up in the hands of prisoners. But this week we received a note from a volunteer chaplain at a big city jail. She reminded us of another audience--the prison staff. Here is what she wrote:

"I am a volunteer chaplain to 4,000 officers and civilian staff who serve at a large jail. The suicide rate of these staff is higher than the inmate population. Each week averages two deaths of staff or their family members. In addition, they are injured by attacks or when trying to stop fights between inmates. They have feces and urine thrown on them, are ejaculated on, and told terrible things. They are threatened, and their families threatened by gang members. It's an incredibly difficult job, because they're also either underground or in cell blocks with little or no natural light during long hours. The average lifespan of these correctional staff is 58 years."
"I started a year ago, as they'd never had a chaplain before dedicated to staff -- just for inmates. In this new role, I really needed helpful resource materials, and a friend kindly advised me about the Anchor for Your Soul books.""I've had repeated opportunity to selectively give this wonderful book to the many distressed jail officers and other staff who have lost a loved one, or are dealing with other major life challenges inside and outside the jail. Truly, as its subhead says, it's a help in the present, providing hope for the future.""I've also had opportunity to give the book to several high level officials and am praying that it leads them to the Lord as well. Their reception of the book has been very positive, so I am encouraged!""Thank you for these great books; you are blessing hard-working professionals who serve in a very dark, dangerous and unhealthy environment with many attacks by the Enemy, and many of them do not yet know our Lord and Savior. Your books and ministry show love and give hope to many. Thank you!"

We're delighted to provide free copies of Anchor to prison ministries across America. Thank God for prison staff members who are reading the book.And we want to say thank you for your love, your prayers, and your financial support. We do what we do because of you. If you would like more information about An Anchor for the Soul, you can send an email to [email protected]. We'd be glad to partner with you in helping you reach men and women for the Savior.

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