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Mighty God

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2014 9 Mar

“He will be called . . . Mighty God" (Isaiah 9:6).

Who is Jesus Christ?
Is he just a man or is he “more than a carpenter”?

This name speaks of the “power of accomplishment.” It is first of all a statement of deity. The baby born in the manger is not just the Son of God, he is also God the Son. All the fullness of God dwells in the Lord Jesus Christ. As the ancient creeds declare, he is “very God of very God.” That can never be said of any mere human baby.

There is something else important in this title. The word translated “mighty” means “strong one” or “powerful, valiant warrior.” Thus the term “mighty God” is actually a military title.

Because he is mighty, he fights for his people.
Because he is God, he never loses a battle.

At the Incarnation, God took the form of human flesh. That’s why one of his names is Immanuel–God with us.

Now take the first two titles together and what do you have?

As the Wonderful Counselor — He makes the plans.
As the Mighty God —He makes the plans work.

All of his wonderful plans will be carried out with all of God’s infinite might. There is in this little baby all the strength of Deity. The power of God is in those tiny fists. His commands rest upon the omnipotence of God. Whatever he desires, he is able to achieve.

When we meet Jesus, we meet God. If he is not the “mighty God,” then we are deceived and it is blasphemy to worship him. There is no middle ground.

If he is not God, we are fools to worship him.
If he is God, we are fools not to.

But if he is the Mighty God, then when we rely on him, we are relying on God himself! We need divine aid to help us in our battle.

Be of good cheer. Jesus is the Mighty God who has defeated all our foes.

My Lord, you have fought and won every battle. You are the undisputed Victor. When I am tempted to doubt, remind me of your unlimited power. Amen. 

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