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1,000 for China on March 26

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2012 7 Feb

We’ve had excellent response to our call for 1,000 people to join us in prayer at 6 a.m. on Monday, March 26. At that hour, the first-ever Keep Believing China broadcast will beam into mainland China from the island of Guam. Here are some responses:

From a friend in another country: “I will get up early on March 26 and pray for the first broadcast into CHINA ... what a privilege to do it! You will have more than a thousand people praying on our knees for this matter."

From missionaries in Haiti: “March 26th is on our calendar and we will pray -- WOW 878 million God can go to town on the hearts of the people.”

From a friend in Chicago: “You can count on me for one of the 1,000. I have it in my calendar!”

From a friend in Australia: “Here in Western Australia we are in the same time zone as China so I will be able to pray with you after dinner on the 26th March.”

From a friend in Chicago: “My alarm is already set for 5:30AM that day so I can make the coffee.  You remember the proverb “No coffee, no prayer”.  As a pastor who once preached weekly at my current church used to say, “It’s in the Greek!"

From a friend in Chicago: “Count me in to be praying on March 26th at 6 a.m.  I will be at work by then, so not a sacrifice to get up, but even if I wasn’t up I would get up.”

From a friend in California: “Yes, I will pray for the China radio first broadcast! Can we hear the broadcast live? If so, how? Online?”

From friends in Florida: “Just put Mar. 26 on our calendar.”

From a pastor in India: “I and our church will pray with you on 26th of March.”

From a friend in Chicago: “I’m certain it will go good … but you are being prudent and wise in soliciting  1,000 people. Count us in for 2.”

From a friend in Chicago: “I have my calendar marked to get up early on March 26 to pray for the first broadcast at 6 a.m.”

Will you be one of 1,000 praying with us on March 26?

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