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Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2014 16 Apr

“There is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5).

A quick check of the headlines reveals the fractured state of the world:

“Judge tells NFL and players to keep at it, with new mediator.”
“Mediator tries to broker Tribune deal.”
“President casts himself as mediator.”
“Turkey plays mediator in Libya crisis.”

Everyone needs a mediator, or so it seems.

Nowhere is the need greater than in our relationship with God. A mediator is someone who can represent both sides in an estranged relationship. 

Jesus qualifies because he is God and man at the same time.
Fully God and fully man.

Because he shares our humanity, he represents us before the Father.
Because he is God incarnate, he can bear the burden of our sins.

Note that there is “one mediator” and only one between God and man. No one else can do what Jesus does. He “stands in the gap” between God and man, making peace by the blood of the cross

When God called for Adam after the Fall, the guilty head of the human race hid because of his shame. But now we do not shrink from God, sinners though we are, because Jesus our mediator has opened the way to the Father. 

If he were less than God or less than man, he could not be our mediator, much less the “one mediator” for the whole human race. But he is more than enough for this sin-stricken world. He raises his pierced hands and all accusations against us must cease. “What can ever break a reconciliation so dearly bought, so effectually made, and so firmly secured?” (John East)

When times are tough, the nights long, the days dreary, when fearful thoughts threaten to overwhelm us, when life perplexes or death alarms us, let us come with confident faith to Jesus our Lord who is exalted in heaven as our “One Mediator.”

Lord Jesus, because you are the great sin-bearer, you are all we need now and forever. Thank you for doing for us what we could never do for ourselves. Amen.

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