3 Parents on a Birth Certificate and the gods of our Culture

Paul Dean
Paul Dean
2013 8 Feb

According to Newser, “A Miami-Dade judge approved a settlement in which [a young girl’s] biological mother, her mother's lesbian lover, and the man whose sperm made it all possible will all sign her birth certificate as parents. ‘We're creating entirely new concepts of families,’ says the dad's lawyer.”

Here’s my first question: what right does anyone have to “[create] entirely new concepts of families?” Family is something God ordained, created, and defined. We can’t create new concepts without rejecting Him. Of course, that’s our culture; when God is removed from our thinking, anything goes and we shouldn’t be surprised.

My second question is what do we do about these developments? The church has to realize we can’t win this battle with legislation. We are increasingly in the minority opinion. Only changed hearts and minds (repentance) will keep people from “creating entirely new concepts of” anything and everything. And that’s the real battle line: the battle for hearts and minds through the message of the cross. If God is not real, then we have no right to define family for anyone but ourselves. The battle front is not debate over definitions but debate over whether God is real.

One more thing: “The settlement follows a two-year paternity battle. Gay stylist Massimiliano Gerina agreed to provide sperm for his lesbian friends, Maria Italiano and Cher Filippazzo in a handshake agreement. But whereas they saw him as merely a donor, he saw himself as a father for the child.” Think about the brutal selfishness here. The women don’t care how their “family” will affect the social and emotional well being of this child. All they want is the experience of having a child – it’s about them. The man has no regard for the child either. Good luck explaining to her that while the court has ruled the three of them a family, they are not a happy family nor are they together as a family. Where’s the love? It’s certainly not on display in a two-year paternity battle. It seems the only love in this situation is the love of self. And that’s another result of getting rid of God; there is no such thing as love for others – it’s about me; what I want is ultimate. In the end, we become gods – and rather poor ones at that, wouldn’t you say?

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