Urgent: The Victims of Hurricane Ian Need Your Help!

You Need A Spiritual Strategy for the Storms in Your Life

Ann Spangler
Ann Spangler
2015 12 Nov

Menacing storm cloudsWe know the havoc hurricanes can wreak on human life and property. But what about the damage to sea life? Though countless fish may perish in any given storm, some have an uncanny ability to survive. Researchers in Florida have followed the progress of tagged sharks that swam into deeper water just prior to the onslaught of a hurricane. How the sharks knew what was coming is uncertain, but scientists believe they may have sensed changes in barometric pressure, which in turn affects hydrostatic pressure. Some sixth sense enabled them to swim to open waters to avoid the worst of the storm.

This strategy of moving into the deep when storms approach suggests a spiritual strategy for our own lives. We need to deepen our lives with God when we face challenges of various kinds.

Longfellow once famously wrote that “into each life some rain must fall.” But anyone who has lived for more than a few years will recognize this as a terrific understatement. For many of us, the storms that come, whether emotional or physical, will be prolonged and difficult, testing the limits of our strength. At such times, it makes sense to flee to safety, to the deeper waters of Scripture, prayer, obedience, and fellowship with other believers.

Seasoned fishermen have repeatedly noted that some fish seem to feed more aggressively just before a storm, as though they sense that food will soon become scarce. If we live our lives in preparation, feeding on God’s Word and living in alignment with it, God will enable us to survive whatever storms may threaten our peace.