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When You Don't Feel Peaceful

Ann Spangler
Ann Spangler
2017 13 Jul

an image of a person silhouetted against a colorful sky that's reflected in calm water

God’s peace has many facets to it. To grow in that peace is to grow into the likeness of the one we call the Prince of Peace. Since shalom contains the ideas of wholeness, well-being, serenity, healing, safety, satisfaction, and even prosperity, God’s peace is something rich and deep that he works into our lives as we grow in greater maturity.

Like joy, peace is not something we merely feel but something that comes to characterize our lives regardless of circumstances. There will be times when we feel our lack of it acutely even though we are attempting to follow God faithfully. Seasons of difficulty will arise. Trials and tragedies will assail us. Such times may temporarily rob us of the sense that God is with us, making us vulnerable to fear. At these times, it may help to remember the things that lead to peace. I’m referring to things like

  • confessing our sin
  • forgiving others
  • obeying God
  • expressing gratitude
  • finding fellowship
  • praising God
  • resting
  • exercising
  • praying daily
  • reading and studying Scripture

Think of these as pearls on a string that together will make a beautiful necklace. While we wait for God’s peace to adorn our lives, we can actively address any areas that may need shoring up, trusting that as we do, God will help us to grow in faith and trust.