Stand Up Straight

Ann Spangler
Ann Spangler
2012 30 Aug

Take a moment to imagine that you are living in a two-hundred-square-foot house with four-foot-high ceilings. You have to shoehorn yourself into your bedroom every night because the room is so tiny. Your kitchen consists of a hot plate, a small sink, and a tiny fridge. Because the ceilings are so low, you have to stoop whenever you walk around. Stuck in a too-small house, you feel frustrated, cramped, and depressed, wishing you had a better place to live.

That’s a picture of what life can be like when we fail to grasp who we are in Christ. Without believing we are daughters of the King, we struggle to feel good about ourselves, attempting to find our identity elsewhere. But no matter how successful or how beautiful we may be, no matter what relationships we pursue, we are never quite at peace. Always looking for something or someone to tell us who we are and to make us feel secure, we miss out on the joy and confidence that comes from resting in the Father’s provision and following Christ wherever he leads.

If you are living in a too-small spiritual house, ask Jesus for the faith to step out of it so that you can stand up straight and be the woman God is calling you to be. If you make the Kingdom of God your primary concern, Jesus assures you that the Father will provide for your needs.

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