Spread the Peace!

Ann Spangler
Ann Spangler
2017 9 May

the image shows in older woman's hands tying a string around a young person's wrist

Hailing from a town called Freedom, Pennsylvania, it’s perhaps no coincidence that Linda Banks is concerned about a lack of freedom elsewhere in the world. On a visit to Pune, India, where her daughter and son-in-law are serving as missionaries, she met sixteen young girls who had been rescued from local brothels. As a result of her encounter with the Home of Hope, where the girls are living, Linda began praying and educating herself about human trafficking, asking God what she could do to help. The answer came in the form of an organization she founded, called the Praying Aunties Network.

The idea behind Praying Aunties is to connect one “auntie” with one girl. The auntie receives updates on the girl in order to know how to pray for her. She also meets monthly with other praying aunties in her area.

Linda’s group of sixteen women prays for the sixteen girls and the staff members of the Home of Hope in Pune. Because of the problems associated with prostitution, it is not uncommon for rescued girls to return to their former lives. But this has not been the case in Pune, where all sixteen girls have accepted Christ and none have returned to their old way of life.

If you are serious about becoming a person at peace, remember that God gives peace for a purpose. It’s tempting to think that one person can’t make much difference in a world that is filled with conflict. But Linda Banks and her praying friends have already made a world of difference to the young women they’re praying for.

Why not ask God today whether you should join Linda’s network (connecting with them on Facebook is a great way to start) or another similar organization, making an impact one life at a time? Don’t let the sun go down on this day without sincerely asking God to show you how you can spread his peace in the world around you.