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My Worry Pie Chart

Ann Spangler
Ann Spangler
2018 11 Jan

Cash and coins dangle from the inside of an open umbrella.

If I were to draw a pie chart labeled “My Worries” in order to track the source of my anxieties, 50 percent would probably be allotted to my children, 30 percent to family and friends, and 20 percent to financial worries. What about you? What would your chart look like?

Michelle Singletary is a columnist and the author of a book entitled The Power to Prosper: 21 Days to Financial Freedom. Her answer to financial stress is to hit it head-on by undertaking a twenty-one-day financial fast. The basic idea, field-tested by members of her church, is to put yourself on a spending diet for three weeks, during which time you promise:

  • not to use any credit or debit cards;
  • to buy only what you absolutely need (like food and medicine);
  • to use only cash;
  • to forgo looking at retail catalogs, visiting malls or stores, or shopping online;
  • and to refrain from eating out.

The idea is to evaluate where you are spending your money so you can use your resources in a way that glorifies God and brings greater freedom to your life.

The world promises that purchasing new things will make us happy and that hoarding resources will make us feel secure. But God’s Word is countercultural—it’s only when we give what we have back to God that we can have true peace of mind.

If financial worries comprise 10 percent or more of your “worry pie chart,” why not consider reading Michelle’s book and starting the new year by undertaking a financial fast? Doing so will likely present its share of challenges, but it may be just what you and I need in order to experience more of God’s peace in the future.