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Leaning on God's Faithfulness

Ann Spangler
Ann Spangler
2018 6 Dec

A Canada Goose shelters her gosling under her wing.

Faithfulness is in short supply in our world. We know of no one who is capable of acting with complete integrity, no one strong enough to keep every promise he’s ever made. So it can be difficult to fathom how faithful God is.

But Scripture indicates that God will never abandon those who belong to him. Even when we fail, he is faithful and will forgive us. He never gives up, never loses faith, never breaks a promise.

Psalm 91 paints a vivid picture of God’s faithfulness. He is so strong, wise, and steadfast that he is for the believer a place of refuge and safety. He is like an eagle sheltering its young from danger. Though God will not protect us from every misfortune, he has promised to protect our souls from evil. Because he is faithful, we can proclaim with the psalmist that if we make the Lord our refuge, no evil will conquer us.

When the Bible says that God is faithful, it means that he is also faithful to himself, always acting in ways that are consistent with his nature. Unlike fickle human beings, God never wavers in his love, mercy, justice, holiness, or goodness. Because he is utterly faithful, we can lean on him and trust in him. God’s faithfulness is what gives us confidence in his promises. He is our rock, our fortress, a very present help in time of trouble.