Your Excellency, the Ambassador of Iran…

Alex Crain
Alex Crain
2011 28 Sep

The following letter was sent on behalf of the Iranian pastor, Yousef Nadarkhani, who again refused to recant his Christian faith at the fourth and final court hearing on 9/28/11 in Iran to appeal his death sentence for apostasy (leaving Islam).

Your Excellency, the Ambassador of Iran,

It is with great concern that I appeal to you on behalf of Yousef Nadarkhani, who has been charged, and faces execution, solely on the basis of his adopting Christian faith.

My family and I deeply hope that the Iranian judiciary will acquit him of all charges, in accordance with Iranian and international law.

Would you please pass this appeal on to the Iranian government as a matter of urgency?

Thank you for your kindness and honorable concern for maintaining basic human rights. Thank you also for advocating the free and peaceful coexistence of people of various religious beliefs.


Alex W. Crain
Editor of and


*Pause for a moment if you can to pray for Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani's release. Should you wish to send a similar note, visit this site run by the organization Christian Solidarity Worldwide. They suggest telephoning the Iranian embassy as well, at 020 7225 3000 or 020 7937 5225.

Here are a few prayer points suggested by CSW:

- For God to stay the hand and change the hearts of the Iranian judiciary, that they would reconsider the death sentence handed down.

- That the international community would swiftly take decisive and effective action on behalf of Pastor Nadarkhani.

- That God would uphold Pastor Nadarkhani.

- For peace, strength and comfort for Pastor Nadarkhani’s family.

- For wisdom and eloquence for Pastor Nadarkhani’s lawyer, who is also facing legal difficulties.

- That God would comfort members of Pastor Nadarkhani’s church and denomination.

- That Iranian Christians would not be bound by fear and would keep their eyes fixed firmly on God.