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Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si: "Si-cology 1" Interview (Part 1)

Alex Crain
Alex Crain
2013 5 Sep

I recently had fun talking on the phone with reality TV's favorite uncle—Silas Merritt Robertson, AKA Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty on A&E.

Si jokingly claims that all of his stories are 95% true. His new book, “Si-cology 1” is a laugh-out-loud journey through his life. I know, because when I read it cover to cover at a coffee shop, a few people found my constant chuckling a little annoying. Hey Jack, it's called humor. What can you do?

In the book, Si walks us through a few of the difficult seasons in his life but his trademark wit is always close at hand. On a spiritual level, Si highlights the joys of embracing God's design for the family and trusting Christ through good times and bad. Here's a short clip of our conversation. Enjoy it and share! 

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Crosswalk.com: Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si Interview: “Si-cology 1” from Crosswalkcom on GodTube.