Does Formal Bible Study Quench the Spirit?

Alex Crain
Alex Crain

Sometimes, I've heard Christians complain that the process of Bible study seems to squeeze out the Holy Spirit. At least it feels that way to them. While a formal method of study does toss the "let your feelings be your guide" approach, that's actually a good thing. If we want to know what God is saying in His Word, our feelings must give way to a process of disciplined and principled study. We must listen carefully to the text of Scripture. Otherwise, we'll only be hearing our own thoughts and ascribing them to God.

A sensible method of Bible study doesn't diminish the importance of the Holy Spirit though. Rather, God created us with minds that are to think about things logically, and we should embrace that fact. The Holy Spirit is our powerful Guide, who helps us as we read, observe, interpret, and apply His Word to our lives.

Recently, at, I posted a short article called: "Follow a Logical Process of Bible Study." You can read it here and share it with a friend.)

Originally published February 07, 2012.

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