Easton’s Bible Dictionary

Bridle : Three Hebrew words are thus rendered in the Authorized Version.

  1. Heb. mahsom' signifies a muzzle or halter or bridle, by which the rider governs his horse (Ps.39:1).
  2. Me'theg, rendered also "bit" in Psalm 32:9, which is its proper meaning. Found in 2 Kings 19:28, where the restraints of God's providence are metaphorically styled his "bridle" and "hook." God's placing a "bridle in the jaws of the people" (Isaiah 30:28; 37:29) signifies his preventing the Assyrians from carrying out their purpose against Jerusalem.
  3. Another word, re'sen, was employed to represent a halter or bridle-rein, as used Psalm 32:9; Isaiah 30:28. In Job 30:11 the restraints of law and humanity are called a bridle.