Matthew 9:18-38 Darby’s Translation

The Ruler's Daughter and the Woman Who Touched Jesus' Garment

18  As he spoke these things to them, behold, a ruler coming in did homage to him, saying, My daughter has by this died; but come and lay thy hand upon her and she shall live. 19  And Jesus rose up and followed him, and [so did] his disciples. 20  And behold, a woman, who had had a bloody flux [for] twelve years, came behind and touched the hem of his garment; 21  for she said within herself, If I should only touch his garment I shall be healed. 22  But Jesus turning and seeing her, said, Be of good courage, daughter; thy faith has healed thee. And the woman was healed from that hour. 23  And when Jesus was come to the house of the ruler, and saw the flute-players and the crowd making a tumult, 24  he said, Withdraw, for the damsel is not dead, but sleeps. And they derided him. 25  But when the crowd had been put out, he went in and took her hand; and the damsel rose up. 26  And the fame of it went out into all that land.

Two Blind Men Receive Sight

27  And as Jesus passed on thence, two blind [men] followed him, crying and saying, Have mercy on us, Son of David. 28  And when he was come to the house, the blind [men] came to him. And Jesus says to them, Do ye believe that I am able to do this? They say to him, Yea, Lord. 29  Then he touched their eyes, saying, According to your faith, be it unto you. 30  And their eyes were opened; and Jesus charged them sharply, saying, See, let no man know it. 31  But they, when they were gone out, spread his name abroad in all that land.

A Dumb Man Speaks

32  But as these were going out, behold, they brought to him a dumb man possessed by a demon. 33  And the demon having been cast out, the dumb spake. And the crowds were astonished, saying, It has never been seen thus in Israel. 34  But the Pharisees said, He casts out the demons through the prince of the demons.

The Harvest Is Plenteous

35  And Jesus went round all the cities and the villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the glad tidings of the kingdom, and healing every disease and every bodily weakness. 36  But when he saw the crowds he was moved with compassion for them, because they were harassed, and cast away as sheep not having a shepherd. 37  Then saith he to his disciples, The harvest [is] great and the workmen [are] few; 38  supplicate therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send forth workmen unto his harvest.

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