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What Is the Best Way to Study the Bible?

What Is the Best Way to Study the Bible?

Best Way to Study the Bible

Eric Redmond, transcribed from the video above, discusses the best way to study the Bible:

1. Start reading and ask God for help.

The best way to approach the Bible is to simply start reading it consistently and regularly and that with prayer, asking God, crying out to him.

Even if you might be someone who says, "I don't really know god." Cry out and say, "I would like to know the truth about who you are God as I'm reading Scripture." I'm not looking for a mysterious or mystical experience there, but just as someone would really read along, hoping God will open up his Word to them.

2. While Reading, look for God in the story.

And then as you're reading, look for what the pastor says about God, and what the pastor says about what God does. What does they say that God is doing and who they say he is. If they say he is holy, then you're learning something about God.

If they say that he is good or that he demonstrates mercy to someone or that he's patience with someone, then you're learning about God, and you're looking for these things consistently. Then you're watching what are his acts. Does God deliver somebody from their slavery in Egypt or their subjugation to their enemies in the book of Judges?

3. Read both Old and New Testaments.

And we're just consistently reading, reading, reading. Along with that reading, I would suggest that we read in both our Old and New Testaments. If you could develop a habit to read a small portion of the Old Testament and a small portion of the New Testament daily, that will be good.

4. Listen to godly teaching on Scripture.

We'll be remiss if we didn't say, "Along with our own personal reading, we need to sit under some people that have been gifted and called by God to teach his Scriptures - a pastor who preaches the word of God." And what you hear when he is preaching is that he talks about what Jesus has done for sinners, who he is, and what he offers in terms of eternal life and life here.

That gives you a way to look for what God is doing in his plan throughout Scripture. We're looking for Christ, and we're looking for the identity of God and what he means to us. And you'll start to see things consistently both in the Old and New Testament.

A great book on this is a book by a man named Michael Lawrence who wrote a book called Biblical Theology For The Church. It's just an excellent resource that trains us how to read and how to look for God in Scripture and what it says about Christ in Old Testament, New Testament. It's written very simply for the average guy in the pew or just off the street. That's been very helpful as I've been working with my congregation.

So again, we're looking for what does it say about God, what does it say about what God is doing. We're looking for the person of Christ and what he has done on behalf of sinners and what he offers in life. And if we start to read that way and read daily, consistently crying out to god, hopefully soon, as we're also sitting under preaching, we'll hear God speaking from his Word and we'll see what the Bible is saying from God himself.

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