A Word with You - June 3, 2016


Letting Go of the Wheel

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"Who's going to drive?" That was the question Dave and I were debating. And after the debate was over, we got a pretty good laugh out of it. Dave was new on our staff in the New York area, and soon after he arrived we got, shall we call it an "enlightened" look at each other's personality. We were headed up to this retreat center for a day of prayer and planning, and we got to the parking lot and said in unison, "Well, who's going to drive?" It turned out we both wanted to.

As we talked about that during the trip, we started to analyze why we both hate to ride and why we both love to drive. I guess it's often true of people in leadership; we like to be able to control where things are going, and how fast we're going to get there. Well, of course, we ended up falling all over each other saying, "You drive," "No, you drive," "No, you drive." You know what? That's not such a bad idea.

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