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The wages of wickedness (Psalm 1 v 4-5)

In the second half of this song, we are introduced to another great theme of the psalms: the ruin of those who reject God.

Read Psalms 1:1
An incredible disappearance

The signs of the person blessed by God are growth, endurance and fruitfulness (v 3).

• What is the only reality about the wicked that really matters, according to verse 4?

The wicked have no future. Like an insignificant by-product from a factory that’s simply dumped. Or like the husks from the wheat, that are just an annoyance to the farmer. In the end their lives are worth nothing: the wind blows and they are gone.

• Do you struggle to believe that this is truly the way of things?
The wicked dominate the news headlines every day. They seem so big, so permanent, so important and influential. By contrast, the humble, struggling believer seems so insignificant. But the eye of faith sees that, in God’s value system, the opposite is true. It is sometimes hard to believe this—but it’s something the writers of the psalms recognise and continually remind us of.
Read Psalms 73:1

A terrifying judgment

The blessed man looks to a new day coming when God’s judgment will make the distinction clear for all to see. There will be no reprieve for the wicked on that day. No last-minute second chance. No place among God’s people for those who have
spent their lives mocking God’s gospel.

• Is this how you see your non-Christian friends and family? Even the “nice” ones?

It’s very easy to deceive ourselves on this issue. Our family, our closest mates, our beloved spouse even. All are facing the wrath of God’s holy judgment on those who have chosen to defy Him.

Think about those people now.
• How are you showing them what it is like to enjoy the blessing of life under God’s rule?
• How, and when, might you be able to speak to them about how they might be blessed, and not blown away?
The God who will judge sent His Son to take that judgment. Ask Him to work in the hearts of those you love but who don’t love God, so that they won’t have to endure His anger, but can enjoy His blessing.

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