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The Father's love (John 16 v 23-33)

Yesterday we learned to rejoice in the cross. Today, two more reasons for joy, whatever our circumstances.

Rejoice in the Father’s love…
Read John 16:23

• How many times is the Father mentioned here?
• Why does Jesus say He won’t pray for His followers (v 26)?
• What new relationship will they have with the Father?

When Jesus says “in my name”, He means: “on the basis of who I am and what I have done for you on the cross”. To ask “in Jesus’ name” means to ask on the basis, not of any good in us, but of what Jesus has done for us.

Jesus does not have to ask the Father to love us. The Father has loved us steadily, freely and wonderfully, from all eternity. “The Father himself loves you” (v 27).

BWhen you lie awake because there are worries on your mind, try this experiment. Before you think about your worries, say to yourself: “I am a Christian because the Father loves me, steadily, freely and for ever”.
Now go back to your worries. They’ll still be there, but you may see them differently.

…and in Father and Son’s work
Read John 16:29

• The disciples don't understand fully—but what have they finally seemed to grasp (v 30)?
• What tone of voice is v 31, do you think?
• When Jesus dies on the cross, who won't be with Him, and who will (v 32)?
• What does this tell us about who deserves praise for people being saved?

That’s a relief, actually, because it means the cross is 100% about what He does for us, and 0% about what we can do for Him.

Notice that the cross is a rescue done by both Father and Son together, right the way up to that terrible moment when Father and Son are separated: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15 v 34).

Read John 16:33

• Why has Jesus told His friends “these things”?
• When troubles come (and they will), what will they need to remember?

Verse 33 is the last thing recorded by John that Jesus says to all His disciples before the cross.
• In which areas of your life do you particularly need to remember Jesus' encouragements of verse 33?

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