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A divine warning (Daniel 4 v 19-27)

We’ve heard from Nebuchadnezzar about his dream—now we have Daniel’s divinely-inspired interpretation of it.

You are the tree
Read Daniel 4:19

• Why does Nebuchadnezzar have to reassure Daniel (v 19)?
• What does Daniel say the picture of the tree represents?

You will be cut down
Read Daniel 4:23

• What will happen to Nebuchadnezzar?
• How long will this change last for? What brings it to an end?

The key point is repeated twice: Nebuchadnezzar must “acknowledge” that God is sovereign (v 25, 26). Nebuchadnezzar has previously acknowledged that God can reveal and that God can save, but now he has to acknowledge that God rules over him. God will preserve his kingdom for him to rule over again, but only once he is humbled in this way.

You might change your future
Read Daniel 4:27

• What is Daniel’s advice to the king in light of this?

Daniel calls on the king to repent! He sees that the king is acting sinfully and that can he can bow to God now before this disaster happens. He can do so by exercising justice and kindness in his kingdom.
Daniel can’t promise that God won’t cut Nebuchadnezzar down to size; he can only say: “Do this, and it might be that you avoid this”. This dream is both a prediction and a divine warning.

TIME OUT… Jonah 3:1
• What was God's prophet's message to pagan Nineveh (v 4)?
• How did the Ninevites respond (v 5-6)? Why (v 9)?
• What, on this occasion, was the result (v 10)?
• Look back over your life as a Christian. Can you see times where God has brought you to acknowledge that He is the God who rules over you, and should rule over each area of your life?
• Are there areas in which He is calling you to acknowledge that today?

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