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When God Doesn't Make Sense
Dr. Ray PritchardAugust 12, 2014 Comments
38 Ways to Give Thanks in Hard Times
Dr. Ray PritchardJuly 24, 2014 Comments
"How to be a Godly Rebel" Airs on July 4
Dr. Ray PritchardJuly 03, 2014 Comments
Putting the Letters Together
Dr. Ray PritchardJune 24, 2014 Comments
The King of Consequences
Dr. Ray PritchardJune 23, 2014 Comments
Happy Times in Sugar Grove
Dr. Ray PritchardJune 22, 2014 Comments
Knocking Holes in the Darkness
Dr. Ray PritchardJune 18, 2014 Comments
The Coming Evangelical Divide
Dr. Ray PritchardJune 17, 2014 Comments
My Father's Day Gift
Dr. Ray PritchardJune 16, 2014 Comments
Blessing of the Bikes
Dr. Ray PritchardMay 31, 2014 Comments
Saints and Sinners
Dr. Ray PritchardMay 30, 2014 Comments

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Dr. Ray Pritchard is the founder of Keep Believing Ministries.  Their mission is "for equipping and encouraging people to keep believing in Jesus."  In his blog at Christianity.com, he talks about serving others, ministering as a team, doing things with financial integrity, and empowering others to serve the Lord.   He tackles some of the toughest issues of the day including complacency in God, guarding your tongue against unwholesome talk, and how to live in an ungodly culture in a post-modern world.     Follow his blog about Christianity, cultural issues, and society today.

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