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If Jesus is Alive
Dr. Ray PritchardMarch 27, 2016 Comments
Holy Saturday
Dr. Ray PritchardMarch 26, 2016 Comments
A Centurion's Testimony
Dr. Ray PritchardMarch 25, 2016 Comments
Jesus was a Family Man
Dr. Ray PritchardMarch 24, 2016 Comments
Saved at the Last Second
Dr. Ray PritchardMarch 23, 2016 Comments
The Other Thief on the Cross
Dr. Ray PritchardMarch 22, 2016 Comments
They Gambled for His Clothes
Dr. Ray PritchardMarch 21, 2016 Comments
Cutting Down the Green Tree
Dr. Ray PritchardMarch 20, 2016 Comments
Accidental Cross
Dr. Ray PritchardMarch 19, 2016 Comments
Washing Guilty Hands
Dr. Ray PritchardMarch 18, 2016 Comments
Jesus or Barabbas?
Dr. Ray PritchardMarch 17, 2016 Comments
The Man Who Murdered His Own Soul
Dr. Ray PritchardMarch 16, 2016 Comments

About Dr. Ray Pritchard

Dr. Ray Pritchard is the founder of Keep Believing Ministries.  Their mission is "for equipping and encouraging people to keep believing in Jesus."  In his blog at Christianity.com, he talks about serving others, ministering as a team, doing things with financial integrity, and empowering others to serve the Lord.   He tackles some of the toughest issues of the day including complacency in God, guarding your tongue against unwholesome talk, and how to live in an ungodly culture in a post-modern world.     Follow his blog about Christianity, cultural issues, and society today.

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