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My Two Biggest Vision Lessons
Dr. James Emery WhiteMay 16, 2016 Comments
Moving Through Sin
Dr. James Emery WhiteMay 05, 2016 Comments
Divorce and Domestic Violence
Dr. James Emery WhiteMay 02, 2016 Comments
Why You May Not be Growing As a Church (2016)
Dr. James Emery WhiteApril 28, 2016 Comments
The Slippery Slope to Incest
Dr. James Emery WhiteApril 25, 2016 Comments
Church Money Gimmicks
Dr. James Emery WhiteApril 21, 2016 Comments
Does God Look Good On You?
Dr. James Emery WhiteApril 19, 2016 Comments
Dr. James Emery WhiteApril 18, 2016 Comments

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Dr. James Emory White blog focuses on many of the popular cultural issues of the day.  He writes about how Christians should major on the major issues of the day and stop focusing on minor issues.   Dr. James Emory White is great at tying Biblical principles to the present societal issues of the 21st century church.  He teaches Christians how to make the Bible relevant to people who believe the Scriptures are irrelevant in today's society.  He has written many other great articles for today's Christians at his blog at serioustimes.org.  He is the Senior Pastor at Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, Virginia.  He has written over a dozen books.   Follow blogger Dr. James Emory White at Christianity.com.

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