Escape from the Spirit Guides

by Sharon Beekmann, Copyright Christianity Today International

Sharon Beekmann had it all: a good marriage, a son, a successful career as a psychotherapist, a home set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. But something was missing?a deeper spiritual dimension to her life.Initially out of curiosity, Sharon met with a spiritist who regularly delved in the paranormal. Before long, Sharon herself became a skillful channeler, regularly communicating with spirits. But what had started as an honest search for truth became a seven-year torment. In her book Enticed by the Light (Zondervan, 1997), she describes how her spirit guides began controlling every aspect of her life, preventing her from just walking away from their power. Could God's power overcome them?Click to see a related article.

Fascinating!" I uttered half aloud as the words on the pages of the books by medium Jane Roberts [writing for the spirit Seth] jumped out at me. Whenever I picked up the books, Seth Speaks or The Nature of Interpersonal Reality, the rest of my life faded away. I felt alive.

"Seth believes that people live a fraction of their potential, but that spirit can empower us as we journey toward actualization. Everything in nature has a spirit that interacts and contributes to the evolution of life. He refers to God as 'All That Is.'"

My husband's curiosity was piqued. "That's interesting. What else does he say?"

"Well ? that we can learn to focus our spirit, or consciousness, through meditation practices, and that spiritual energy systems empower us as we tap into them."

"Hey, tell it to zap me as I plow the driveway. It looks like the Arctic out there," he laughed.

"No, really, what he says is completely compatible with existential philosophy and humanistic theories. We are responsible for how we manage ourselves, but our spirit is linked to a vast spiritual universe containing pockets of power and wisdom. It's a universe waiting to be explored. Wouldn't that be fun? Could be an adventure. What do you think?"

Shaking his head, he teased, "I think it still looks like the Arctic out there, and I'll leave it to you to figure out the inner truths of the universe while I go plow this one."

That week I bought a Ouija board. After a few hours, a spirit introduced himself by spelling his name and describing details of his life before he died. Mesmerized, I asked him questions by moving the pointer from one letter to another; he answered in the same manner. But toward the end of the afternoon, he responded to questions before I spelled them on the board?as they formed in my mind!

Eager and thrilled, I waited for the universe to lead me further. I did not wait long.

Stepping into the Snare

"I visited a ? um ? a medium," my counseling client stammered. "I hope you don't think me crazy. My family has consulted Donna for years. She goes into a trance, and a spirit girl speaks through her." Marilee glanced at me. "Sounds silly, huh? I know a lot of people scoff at such things."

p>"Oh, I'm open," I said warmly. "I don't think less of you for consulting a medium. What did this lady tell you?"

In one hour, according to Marilee, the spirit had summarily identified her symptoms, the source of her problem, and how to resolve it?with virtually no information offered by Marilee. Spellbound, I listened to my client's tales.

"She's not a hundred percent accurate, but she's good! Give Donna a call," Marilee said as she prepared to leave.

I closed the door behind her and thought, My, that didn't take long! Last week the Ouija board, and now this. What stronger confirmation do I need?

I made an appointment. Welcomed by her friendly husband, John, I waited to meet Donna. When she appeared with another client who was on her way out, I was pleasantly surprised. She wore a pale blue printed dress, a gray hand-knit sweater, and fuzzy bedroom slippers. I stared into tired eyes. I saw no malice, no ill will. She smiled kindly and offered me her hand.


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